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Join us in The Soul Fire Collective! 

step into your power in every area of life.

A community where you will connect with your higher self, God-Source, never before.

So many women live a disempowered life of low self-worth and sabotage

Have you ever wondered why do some women seem to constantly thrive... while others struggle no matter how hard they try?

You might be wondering: "Maybe there's a 'secret' breakthrough that I don't know about?" "Maybe I haven't uncovered the REAL reason behind why I haven't manifested any of my desires till now?"

why do others thrive but not me?


"How Is It That Other Women Can Have What They Want… 

But Not Me?”

Does it feel like you’ve tried all the things...

religious teachings, self-help books, yoga postures, self-isolation, audio tools, brainwaves, subliminal hypnosis...but nothing's worked

Do you find yourself drowning in negativity, and struggling with feelings of frustration and inadequacy? Work stress. Financial stress. Emotional stress. You name it - they just keep coming.

Sure you know you should purge negativity from your mind. You know you should improve your emotional health. But after spending hours in meditation, or pawing over self-help books - you barely see any positive effects.

Perhaps things change for a day or a week, but after that….you’re right back to where you started. What if you could turn OFF all your negative thoughts and find Peace and Mental Clarity without having to spend months on therapy to “let go” of the dead weights you’ve been carrying around for so long?



I live my life by the magic

of the Universe + synchronicity.

I am your host Meg Schwarzrock!

After financial struggles in my early 20s and learning that aligning with money was all about shifting my energetic vibration, I became OBSESSED with improving myself with all things energy + manifesting.

This journey into understanding that money is also energy propelled me to grow a 7-figure business in my 30s.

My innate spiritual knowing since childhood + my energy obsession opened me up years later to Energy Healing when our youngest son struggled with stomach issues. 

Energy healing healed my son from debilitating stomach issues as a 5th grader. I knew that these experiences prepared me to help people understand spirituality, the soul journey, the magic of energy, and how it shapes ALL areas of life…

Health, Wealth, and Opportunity. Understanding Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles changed it all for me, + it will change it all for YOU. 

We are all spiritual beings here for a human experience. When we step back into our souls, knowing and remembering who we are on a soul level, we align with the abundance we are created for. 

I live with the JOY of helping my clients step into their power and find the flow + ease on their soul journey, whether it be love, wealth, health, or opportunity.

“Gabi was born with intuitive abilities. She has been able to see and communicate with the spirit world since she was little….”

Gabi  is a wealth activator for 7 + 8-figure entrepreneurs, helping to remove energetic blocks to expand their wealth and showing them that even in a high-pressure world, they can build a business that’s more aligned with who they are on the soul level.

Gabrielle Marguerite,

Soul Fire Collective co-host.

imagine A life WHERE


Now introducing...

The Soul Fire Collective

The Soul Fire Collective is a membership community for women like no other!

Here's what you get when you join The Soul Fire Collective...

walk away with:




Every week you'll receive teachings with Meg + Gabi. Including Selective Intuitive readings and Cellular Regeneration for those in the group. On each LIVE session,  3-5 members will be selected for cellular rejuvenation with something they feel in their physical, emotional or physical body. Spirit will guide Gabi based on what needs to be cleared.

walk away with:

Learn how to soul activate so you can heal yourself.

Learn to clear energy blocks to make more money.

Learn ways to LOVE yourself more so you start attracting what you are worth.

Learn how to tap into your intuition and activate your soul fire.

walk away with:




Every single day of the year get daily guidance, inspiration and motivation inside our private members area.

Each month the daily postings will focus on theme of the month, Receive extra support within the Soul Fire Collective as you implement the teachings into your daily life.

walk away with:

Physical guidance, inspiration, motivation.

Emotional guidance, inspiration, motivation.

Mental guidance, inspiration, motivation.

Energetic guidance, inspiration, motivation.

walk away with:




The Soul Fire Collective is a membership community for women like no other! Gabi and I are light workers here to change the world by teaching you the miracles within… 

A community where you will connect with your higher self, God- Source, Creator, like never before.

Guiding you to energetically step into your power in every area of your life, creating a ripple effect of miracles in body, mind, and spirit. The Soul Fire Collective is an experience for every cell in your body.

walk away with:

Monthly MIND- BODY- SOUL- giveaways with a chance to WIN prizes.

PROMO codes to shop our favorite things.

Special Guest Speakers for additional monthly trainings.

Quantum Leaps in every area of your life.